Evaluation Summary

Evaluation of the Youth Safe Haven programs have been an on-going process since the first program was established in Puerto Rico. They consistently demonstrate the efficacy of the program in lowering crime and helping youths by protecting them and providing the mentoring that is so critical, if they are going to succeed in school and in life.

The following is the published evaluations of the first two generations of the program:

Youth Investment and Police Mentoring

Based on the findings from these early replications, the Foundation developed a strategy for assisting local sites in developing their capacity to deliver critical services to youth and communities. This strategy is explained in:

Lessons From the Street

The findings from evaluations of the third generation of programs in New Hampshire and South Carolina is available here:

Youth Investment and Police Mentoring: The Third Generation

Also, a more detailed analysis of the impact of a Youth Safe Haven on a single neighborhood is available here:

Waverly: Home of Lady Street Koban 
An analysis of Growth, Decline and Renewal

The evaluation of the newest round of program replications, at the sites listed in the left column, is currently underway and will be reported as completed.