Replicating & Evaluating

The Eisenhower Foundation replicates models that have been scientifically demonstrated to work, while recognizing that programs must be tailored to the realities of the community they serve. Recognizing that multiple problems require multiple solutions, the foundation currently supports five program models:

Youth Safe Haven/Police Mentoring Programs

The Youth Safe Haven/Police Mentoring model merges an after-school safe haven for children and youth with a neighborhood-based police ministation. Staff provides youth development activities, tutoring and coaching for high-risk youth, and police officers mentor youth and undertake community-based policing in the neighborhood.

Full-Service Community Schools

Full-service community schools are built on partnerships that provide a wide range of services to students and their families so that students are ready to learn. Community agencies, hospitals and business are among the partners that bring resources to the schools. Services at the schools may include health and dental care, mental health counseling and extended day programming. Families are partners in the young people’s education and classes for them may include parenting, job training and ESL.

Quantum Opportunities Programs

Quantum Opportunities Programs offer computer-based remedial education, mentoring and community service for inner city high school youth who are struggling academically and socially. Youth join Quantum in the 9th grade, commit to stay in the program for four years, and receive stipends as an incentive to high school graduation.

Argus Education and Job Training for Youth Drop-outs

The Argus Education and Job Training program replications provide out-of-school youth with training in marketable vocational and technical skills, career counseling, building self-esteem, and teaching positive attitudes.

Argus Education and Job Training for Ex-offenders

The Eisenhower Foundation has assembled existing best practices in the re-entry field. With existing best practices, the Foundation is identifying organizations in the re-entry field and providing technical assistance and training to "upgrade" and enhance their operations, by integrating in more of the best practices. The Foundation also is exploring the launching of new organizations that can implement best practices from the very beginning. At present, the Foundation is providing Argus Education and Job Training for both youth and adult ex-offenders.