Full Service Community Schools

Deep Mentoring Training Guide

Across the nation education reform efforts are focusing on high standards. At The Eisenhower Foundation we believe that to attain high standards students must be ready to learn. Full-service community schools, built around a strong instructional core, offer a wide range of programs and services to support the physical, emotional and social grounds for children to learn. These programs and services may include extended day programs, health care, nutrition and counseling. These schools involve parents and community members to support education. In the Eisenhower Foundation model, the school partners with a lead community-based organization to provide these services or facilitate access to these services. Typically, full-service community schools are open early in the morning until late at night, weekends, and throughout the year to provide services to the students and their families.

The Eisenhower Full-Service Community School Program uses a replication process that fosters continuous improvements, thus allowing replication at an increasingly larger scale. The role of the Eisenhower Foundation in the replication of the full-service community schools consists in: (1) identifying the lead community-based organizations (CBOs) to partner with the schools, (2) providing technical assistance in defining the local project coordinator positions, (3) facilitating the establishment of collaborative ties between the CBOs and the schools, and (4) providing technical assistance to develop the work plans and implement the phase of the program. Not only does the Foundation provide technical assistance, but it also creates the conditions for staff's ongoing learning and self-monitoring, so that both the local teams and the Eisenhower Foundation can draw lessons about successful practice.

At present, the Eisenhower Foundation is replicating its traditional Full-Service Community School model in Canton OH, while working to integrate its Youth Safe Haven model into schools, which can then become Youth Safe Haven Full-Service Community Schools.

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