Biography of the president of the Eisenhower Foundation, Alan Curtis.

Alan Curtis

Born: May 3, 1943 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Education: Harvard University (A.B.) University of London (M.Sc.) University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D.)

Spouse: Ying Wang

Children: 2

Alan Curtis

Alan Curtis (Lynn A. Curtis) is Founding President and CEO of the Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation in Washington, DC. Created in 1981, the Foundation is the private sector continuation of the 1967-1968 National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (the Kerner Riot Commission, after the protests in Detroit, Newark, Los Angeles and many other cities) and the 1968-1969 National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence (the National Violence Commission, after the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Senator Robert F. Kennedy). (See

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An appointee in the administrations of President Jimmy Carter and President Lyndon Johnson, Curtis is a social scientist, public policy advisor, evaluator, designer of inner city ventures that develop human capital, advocate, author and speaker.