Reintegration of Previously Incarcerated Persons

Nearly every family that has a son or daughter involved in Safe Haven-Ministations, Full Service Community Schools, Quantum and Argus also has a family member who is incarcerated. Over two million American citizens currently are in American prisons, the highest rate of any nation in the industrialized world, and over four million are on probation. The cost to American taxpayers is enormous.

Each year approximately 650,000 men and women come home from prison. But most are unable to find housing, restricted in their travel, and unable to find decent employment while unpaid fines and child support continues to accelerate. As a result, many revert to old behaviors and the solace of drugs and alcohol. Nearly two thirds are re-arrested within three years.

In response, the Foundation has assembled existing best practices in the re-entry field. With these best practices, the Foundation is identifying existing organizations in the field and providing technical assistance and training to “upgrade” and enhance their operations, by integrating in more of the best practices. The Foundation also is exploring the launching of new organizations that can implement best practices from the very beginning. Click here to read the report.

At present, the Foundation is partnering with:

Spectrum Resources
1702 Keosauqua Way
Des Moines, IA 50314-1834

Executive Director: Jerald Brantley

Spectrum is replicating a variation of the Foundation's Argus Education and Job Training program, assisting ex-offenders to acquire the skills to install Photovoltaic (Active Solar) Panels or to install and repair fiber-optic lines.

The Foundation is also working with Spectrum to create a residential program modeled after the Gemeinschaft Home program in Harrisonburg VA. Once established, the residential program will focus on ex-offenders who are military veterans in need of education and job training services.