Lessons from the Street:
Capacity Building and Replication

We know how to build the capacity of the grassroots nonprofit organizations that are responsible for much of What Works. And we know how to replicate their programs. Specifics on capacity building and replication are found under these headings:

Executive Summary: Top Ten Lessons and Recommendations
Chapter 1: Policy Framework
Chapter 2: Qualities of Success
Chapter 3: A Model for Change
Chapter 4: Technical Assistance Inputs
Chapter 5: Consequent Knowledge, Skills, Action and Outcomes
Chapter 6: Lessons for Capacity Building Technical Assistance
Chapter 7: Lessons for Replication
Chapter 8: Where Are We Going?
Chapter Notes
Appendix 1: Nonprofit Grassroots Organizations That Received Foundation Technical Assistance And Training, 1990-2000
Appendix 2: Needs Assessment Questions
Appendix 3: Excerpts from A Practice News Conference At The Foundationís Television School
Appendix 4: Excerpts from One-on-One Television School Follow-Up Training
Appendix 5: Excerpts from the Argus Replication Training Video
Appendix 6: Transcript of A Replication Training Video Based On

For more information on these lessons on capacity building and replication, see Contacts. Also see the web sites of these organizations: Annie E. Casey Foundation, Center for Community Change, Development Training Institute, DeWitt Wallace-Readerís Digest Fund, Enterprise Foundation, Ford Foundation, Fund for the City of New York, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, National Congress for Community Economic Development, National Network for Youth, the Support Center and Youth Today.