Examples of What Works

We have two criteria for whether an initiative for the inner city or the truly disadvantaged works:

Based on these criteria, many of the initiatives that work fall under these headings: preschool; public school reform; youth development; job training and alternatives to "work first;" community development corporations and banking; and problem-oriented community-based policing. Taken together, these initiatives create a policy of comprehensive interdependence.

Our examples of what works are not exhaustive. Over time, we hope to build a much more complete directory. See other examples in Publications.


  1. Preschool
  2. Public School Reform
  3. Youth Investment and Development
  4. Job Training, Placement and Retention
  5. Community Development Corporation and Training
  6. Problem-Oriented and Community Equity Policing
  7. Comprehensive Interdependence
  8. Contacts

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