Argus Education and Job Training

The Argus Learning for Living Center model is a comprehensive and interdependent program offering on-site remedial education, high school and GED education, life management training, conflict resolution training, economic self sufficiency skills, job training and work placement. The core Argus philosophy holds that:
• There are no short-cuts or simple solutions. Turning at-risk youth around
requires sufficient time and resources.
• No program will work unless it addresses drugs and violence. These foster
a sense of insecurity in adolescents and must not be tolerated in program
• There must be development of structure and a value system. Inner-city
youth must be deliberately guided into the mainstream, including areas
such as dress codes and corporate etiquette.
• Distrust and alienation are normal for young people in this environment
and program efforts must assume this as a factor in planning.
• Community and bonding are at the heart of program operations.
Establishment of an extended family atmosphere is necessary to counter
an extremely stressful and threatening external environment.
• Staff should ideally come from the same background as the participants so
that they have a personal understanding of the lives of the participants.
• Every activity within the Argus Learning for Living program attempts to
enforce these basic principles.

The Argus program has three major components :
1) Socialization, youth development and value change in a drug-free and
violence-free treatment environment.
2) On-site education and remedial education.
3) Job training, placement and retention.

Watch a video on the Argus Learning for Living Pogram

The Eisenhower Foundation is currently replicating the model for youth in the following locations:

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